“I’m just a small Shofar. Most of the year you don’t even think of me. But I see you, as you pass me on the shelf. Today, I need to speak up and ask for your help.

I hope you’ll listen to me as carefully as you always do.

Because there’s a lot riding on you.

People are suffering from loneliness. Depression. Anxiety. Fatigue.

Our community needs you.

Today they need you to give them the shofar’s message.

Can you give today? Whether it's $180, or any amount, you'll help sponsor the High Holidays this year.

You will help sound the message of the shofar.

If you can give more than $180, I can assure you that it will be used to reach and host even more people. If $180 is too much, please know that any amount, even one dollar, will help. I know it may not be the right time for you, but give if you can.

 We will be creating a display for the High Holidays called The Caring Wall, where every person who gives will be listed. Including those who choose to be anonymous. 

Thank you for your consideration. I give a hoot. And I know you do too.

I am sure I will see you, and you will hear me soon.

I wish you and yours a sweet New Year with only blessings.

Mister Shofar

P.S. I’d like to put your name on the Caring Wall! Can you give $180 – or any amount - to help give our Jewish community the gift of the High Holidays? You will give them a place to go and celebrate and explore their Judaism. And you are showing them that you care!

any amount helps to bring the joy of the Holidays to the community.
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