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Lesson One: The Torah
Lesson Two: The Midrash
Lesson Three: The Talmud
Lesson Four: Halachah
Lesson Five: Musar and Jewish Philosophy
Lesson Six: Kabbalah and Chasidism

A panoramic overview of 3000 years of Jewish learning, this course initiates you into the works that earned us the title, “The People of The Book.” It introduces the books that shape Jewish life, covering Tanach, Midrash, Talmud, Halachah, Philosophy, Kabbalah, Musar, Chasidism, and the influential personalities who drove thirty centuries of Jewish scholarship. Whether you’re meeting these texts for the first time or are a seasoned scholar, this course adds historical background to any Jewish learning.

February 22nd, 2023 from  8:00 PM to  9:00 PM
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